Vacuum Bags
Ink Coding Machines Lock-and-follow Coding Machine can be used
to math with vertical and horizontal automatic packaging machine,
Solid-ink Coding Machine print by solid-ink roller; the character is
clear. Instant print, instant dry and strong adhesion. MY-812G can
list 12 words of one line, at most 8 lines. The print location of
photoelectricity tracing can be adjustable, with accuracy.
Item No. MY- 812G Lock & Follow Solid Ink
Coding Machine Price $1350.00
Weight: 12 lb
Voltage AC 110V/60Hz
Power 100W
Max Printing Speed 200 pcs/min
Max Line and Words 8 line, 12 word
Size of Character (Height) 3.5mm, 4.5mm
Siz of Ink Roller 32 mm
Max Horizontal Size of Printer 150mm
Weight 12 lbs

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