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Vacuum Bags
vacuum sealer bags
Commercial Idustrial
Sealer Bags
including seal
topvacuum bags
sizes NOT for
Foodsaver machines

AmeriVacs Vacuum Sealers
Made in USA
Lowest Price Guaranteed
Authorized Factory
Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealers Food vacuum sealers at Agribags
Commercial &
Industrial Chamber
Vacuum Bag Sealers
All sizes & Models  
from $865.00
Foodsaver rolls
Genuine Weston
Brand Vacuum Bags & Rolls For
Pro-2100/2300 & Foodsaver
Type Machines Wholesale
Prices Available
Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealers Food vacuum sealers at Agribags
NEW ! Double Chamber
Sealers for High
MIL Spec barrier Bags
Custom Barrier Bags &
plain or printed vacuum
sealer bags - printed
Mylar bags many styles
MIL Spec Materials
Hand impulse sealers
Hand Impulse Bag
from 4" to 40"
Seal cast metal
Automatic poly bag sealer
Automatic Impulse poly
bag Sealers & Parts Kits
for bag
Horizontal band sealer
Continuous Band
poly bag Sealers   
Seal unlimited
length or width bags
Shrink Wrap Systems
and supplies Compete
Kits from$99.00.Shrink
Rolls and Shrink Bags in
Stock Great Prices
Foot operated impulse sealer
Industrial Foot impulse
Poly Bag Sealers
all Types
Coding & Imprinting
machines for poly
bags,hot stamp and dry
ink many models
Sinbo -DZ-280 Vacuum Sealer
Works with inexpensive
vacuum bags
ONLY $119.00
with 30 FREE Vacuum sealer
bags SAVE $10.00
poly bags made in USA
Poly Bags Made in USA
2000 stock sizes
Warehouses across USA
PTFE Teflon tape
Rolls of PTFE Covers for
Hand Sealers  SAVE !
Mylar bags for food storage
Mylar Bags & Oxygen
Absorbers for Long
term Food Storage
Disaster Awareness
Shrink film
Shrink Film Rolls -
Bags - &
Factory Direct
seal top vacuum bags
BOOP Lip N Tape
Bags many sizes
FDA Stand Up Bottom
Gusset Pouches 4 mil HD
Need a Commercial Vacuum Sealer ? We have the best made. We specialize in Bag Sealers since 1979 a Family owned company.
We offer a large range of Vacuum Sealers, Vacuum sealers like the Pro-2300 or Chamber Vacuum Sealers and the Amerivacs line of vacuum bag sealers for commercial,
electronics and clean rooms.
Reduce your grocery bills by buying in bulk. Simply vacuum package your purchases in portions that fit your family's needs and freeze for up to three years. No time to cook? No
problem. Now you can Prepare meals in advance, vacuum package, and freeze them. Reduce waste and spoilage by freezing leftovers and extending the life of your food.  We
offer a wide variety of machines from the
Pro-2300  to the large commercial TC-280.  ! NEED VACUUM BAGS ? OR VACUUM ROLLS ? We have a  large selection to choose from like
the Vacuum Bags, or Bags and rolls for Food Saver ,  also the Vacmesh
TM bags that fit Foodsaver TM,Magic by Deni, and many other vacuum packaging machines all of which are
FDA Vacuum Bags and Vacuum rolls.  If you have any questions about the variety or how to choose which bags are right for you. Email at
Our 31st Year Serving Home and Industry with the finest bag sealing equipment and supplies - GENUINE WESTON BRAND Bags & Rolls at LOW Prices
Chamber sealers
Factory Distributor
Commercial Vacuum Sealers
Many Models
Autorized Factory distributor
AmeriVacs vacuum sealers
Amerivacs vacuum sealers
Our AmeriVacs
vacuum sealers -
Teflon Rolls -
Commercial vacuum
selaer bags -Mylar
bags - are made in USA
Packing tape,carton sealing tape
Hand Impulse sealer repair kits
Repair Kits for Impulse
Kits incluse wire
elements teflon PTFE
CONTAINER SALE ! Lowest wholesale prices on the web.
Vac-Fresh Brand

Deer Packers-Butchers-Hunting Clubs-Retailers-Fishermen

We have a special 5 case minimum  wholesale promotion on 11"  x 50 Feet rolls
at $10.00 a roll ! We guarantee they are 3.5 mil x 50 ft and FDA APPROVED
work well with ALL Vacuum sealers.
Container JUST ARRIVED BUY NOW SAVE $$  before the season !!!
(They won't  go bad ) ! Top Quality Bags Guaranteed since 1979.