Vacuum Bags
BS-400A Thermal Shrink Tunnel 16" x 8" opening
Ideal for shrinking PVC/POP materials in a consistent manner.  Conveyor driven by stepless
motor.  Variable temperature controller.    
Voltage:        220V
Power:         5KW
Speed:   0-10m/min (32 Feet/ Minute )
Feeding wt:  5kg (11 lbs)
Weight:  0 kegs ( 180 lbs approx)
Size:   1210 x 710 x 810mm   (47” x 27” x 31”
16" x 8" Thermal Shrink Tunnel
Will Seal Shrink Wrap!

Seal poly bags and any thermoplastic materials quickly and efficiently without having to wait for
warm up.  Ideal for shrinking PVC/POP materials in a consistent manner.  
Turn on the power and the heater. Adjust the conveyor speed according to the thickness of the
film. Put the package on the conveyor belt and the film shrinks tightly around the package as it
goes through the tunnel.  Equipped with an adjustable speed conveyor and 2 temperature
controllers for upper and lower heaters.  The tunnel is heated on 4 sides by 10 infrared
replaceable tubes.
PRICE $970.00  
Shrink wrapping gives package a crystal clear, sealed and clean look. It keeps dust and moisture away from
the product. Prevents unwanted damage, tamper-proof packages and deters pilfering. Rewrap items which
have been opened. All you need is...Shrink material-film, bag or tubing;...Sealer to seal-hand, I-bar or
L-sealer;...Heat Source to shrink the film-heat gun or shrink tunnel.
There are 3 steps involved in shrink packaging; Insert the item between the fold or film or into a shrink bag or
tubing. Using a sealer to cut off the excess film and seal by lowering the sealing bar of the sealer. Shrink the
film on all sides with a heat gun or shrink tunnel.
Shrink wrap rolls
Shrink wrap kit
Shrink Film Starter kit from
$99.00 for CD's,Crafts,VHS
I Bar Industrial Quality Shrink
Systems Complete with a roll of
film.Example 16" from $179.00
Shrink Film rolls 500 Ft ,2000 Ft
and 3500 Ft
GREAT Pricing Quality Film PVC  
gauges please email us for a quote
on your requirements. Thank You

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