Vacuum Bags
Film extrusion capabilities include:

Blown extrusion - monolayer and multilayer    
Cast extrusion - monolayer and multilayer cast
Coextrusion coating

Converting capabilities include:

Flexographic line and process printing
Rotogravure with multiple station, reverse  
printing capabilities
Adhesive and solventless lamination
High-speed slitting to critical tolerances
Three-side sealed pouch making
Zipper/stand-up pouch making
Product Information

Bacon films
High barrier films for shallow to deep draw   applications
Wiener films (including high barrier,  pasteurization applications)
Liquid packaging films for products such as  soups, sauces and
Skin packaging - barrier and non-barrier
Horizontal flow wrapper film for products such as  cheese and
bakery items
Vertical form fill seal films for products such as  shredded  cheese,
potatoes and other vegetables
Semi-rigid films incorporating barrier materials for  fresh pasta,
pizza and luncheon meats
Anti-fog lidding film
Easy open films
Breathable films for frozen meat products
Cook-in films
Boilable films
Zipper and stand-up pouches
40 lb. cheese block pouches for both short and  long-hold
A full range of three-side sealed pouches incorporating various
levels of barrier  

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